Cupar locals support projects to improve mental health and wellbeing

LOCAL people in the Cupar area have voted to support seven local projects in the area as part of Fife Council’s bid to create a fairer Fife.

Over the past few months the council has been asking local community groups to come up with ideas which will make Cupar area a thriving place and reduce inequalities.

Now following a successful voting event in the Corn Exchange on Saturday, seven projects, all with the aim of improving mental health and well being, have gained a slice of £15,000 council funding.

The successful projects are:

  • Lighthouse Project¬†¬†¬†¬†¬£2000.00
  • Castle Furniture Motorvators Project¬†¬†¬†¬†¬£2000.00
  • Include Me Project¬†¬†¬†¬†¬£1236.80
  • Fife Folk Museum¬†¬†¬†¬†¬£800.00
  • Fife Clan-Howe of Fife Rugby Club¬†¬†¬†¬†¬£794.56
  • Ceres Community Caf√© Project¬†¬†¬†¬†¬£4000.00
  • Sustainable Cupar¬†¬†¬†¬†¬£4168.64¬†¬†¬†¬†

It is the first time an event of this kind has been held in North East Fife and, almost 100 votes were cast on Saturday.

Every group who had applied for funding were invited to present at the event and there was a chance for all the groups to network with each other and the local people who turned out to vote .

Team Manager¬†Sheena Watson¬†commented:¬†‘It was really inspiring to hear about the projects and to see local people getting a chance to have their say and vote on projects. This is something we want to build on¬† and certainly we want to increase the opportunities for people to say how funding is spend in their local areas. They have the local knowledge to say what will make a difference.’
The council has now organised a number of similar participatory budgeting events across Fife in a bid to give communities more control over public spending in their areas.
Added Sheena: “We are working to reduce inequalities and create a fairer Fife for everyone. We will learn lessons from this event and hopefully our next event in the East Neuk next year will be even better!”


Project info

The Lighthouse

The toilet in The Lighthouse is in desperate need of an upgrade. If this is not completed soon it may affect the running of the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is used by the Cupar community and is especially welcoming to the elderly, vulnerable and disabled. The Lighthouse wants to make the toilet more accessible to its customers. The toilet needs this upgrade to continue to make the Lighthouse a place of refreshment for all.


Offers support to clients with enduring mental health problems and people generally involved with the psychiatric services.

This is achieved through provision of a safe and therapeutic environment with trained support workers teaching auto mechanics, upcycling crafts, providing workshop experience and employment experience/skills.

Our project also abides by a service level agreement which incorporates periodic assessment and delivers a tailored client-based action plan, social outings.

Include Me 

Over the past year, Include Me Citizen Advocacy, through its work in the local area, has identified a need for a collective advocacy group for parents who are carers of vulnerable adult children living at home. Our aim is to facilitate the development of an independent parent-carer advocacy group which would ultimately become autonomous. Outcomes include reduced social isolation, greater inclusion, equality and agency; sustain quality home based care; self-efficacy; healthy, active, fulfilling lives.

Fife Folk Museum ‚Äď Improve Signage¬†

Ceres is on the outskirts of Cupar, some three miles away.  To help increase our footfall, we would like to have signage in Cupar to point visitors in the direction of Ceres and to visit our lovely little museum which depicts the past social, economic and cultural life of the county of Fife.

Reaping the Benefits of Rugby 

As part of our overarching ethos of making the sport of rugby more inclusive at Howe of Fife Rugby Club, we would like to promote our Unified Rugby Team and the game in general alongside working with charities and agencies who support people experiencing mental health difficulties to help them in their recovery and gain confidence to re-join the community, improving their confidence, employability, social and team working skills.

Ceres community caf√© ‚Äď The Village Caf√©¬†

To provide a meeting place that enhances the quality of life for local residents and that advances informal education with particular regard to the local environment, culture, social, and craft traditions.   The café will provide a safe, welcoming environment for those members of our community who are living on their own and need a friendly listening ear.   The café will be available to rent to the community who wish to hold meetings or social events.

Sustainable Cupar  

The aim of More Moor Road is to enhance the environs of the core path between Cupar and Ceres by providing benches to make it a more inclusive space for less able walkers and children.  The natural habitat will be enriched by installing bird boxes and the planting of an edible verge.  An interpretation board will increase public understanding of local history.  These aims will be achieved with the help of several community groups.