Imagine Inverkeithing

Imagine Inverkeithing

We asked the people of Inverkeithing to tell us how they would like to see the town develop.

This was an opportunity for residents and community groups to come forward with ideas on how to improve the area, create a place where people want to live, work and meet.

Peoples ideas where categorised into Short-term, Longer-term (2-5 years) and Bigger challenges (5-10 years). Of the Short-term ideas, the most popular were:

  • A Place for teens to hangout
  • High Street Markets
  • More benches / Public Seating
  • Practice Room for musicians
  • An Outdoor Gym

A spatial masterplan for Inverkeithing was developed by AECOM, supported Fife Council and the local community. It establishes a shared vision to shape investment and community decision-making over the next 20 years.

This Masterplan is now available to view online or a hard copy can be viewed at Inverkeithing Civic Centre.

Inverkeithing Spacial Master Plan map


Renewed Rosyth

How would you improve the Goth area of Rosyth?

We want local people to get involved in the “Renewed Rosyth” project and decide how money can be spent in your area.

This is an opportunity for residents and community groups to come forward with ideas on how to improve the area, creating a place where people want to live, work and meet. We’ll be looking at improving the streetscape which includes:

  • street signage,
  • lighting,
  • crossing points,
  • street art,
  • street furniture, and
  • cycle parking.

To give your views take part in our online survey

Renewed Rosyth has been funded by the Scottish Government through the Sustrans Scotland Community Links programme and delivered in partnership with Fife Council.

To find out more contact Susan Dryburgh on 03451 555 555 Ext: 441243


Crail Town Hall Changes – Have Your Say

Crail Town Hall Changes – Have Your Say

Crail Town Hall Management Committee has been managing the upper floor of the Crail Town Hall for over 30 years. During that time the committee has endeavoured to regularly consult user groups to ascertain concerns and respond to user suggestions and to improve facilities. A change of the lease would incorporate the former library area into its lease and make a larger area available for different community uses and also provide a business rental space that could provide income to support further improvements to the Hall.

Changes to the ground floor of the Hall are proposed. The former library area would be reduced to accommodate an area for business rental. This proposal would involve removing the existing internal wall that we do not believe is structural but this is to be confirmed by a surveyor. The Community Hub space would be usable for personal meetings, for example a client and social worker, as well as small group sessions e.g. computer classes. A possible free computer access point is under consideration. Modest facilities would be included for making coffee etc.  Such facilities are not available in Crail at the moment for public use. The views of users of the Town Hall have been sought concerning these proposals and are fully supported by those canvassed.

The Management committee wish to receive comment concerning this development and would ask you to respond either to or by 21 January 2019.


Cupar locals support projects to improve mental health and wellbeing

Cupar locals support projects to improve mental health and wellbeing

LOCAL people in the Cupar area have voted to support seven local projects in the area as part of Fife Council’s bid to create a fairer Fife.

Over the past few months the council has been asking local community groups to come up with ideas which will make Cupar area a thriving place and reduce inequalities.

Now following a successful voting event in the Corn Exchange on Saturday, seven projects, all with the aim of improving mental health and well being, have gained a slice of £15,000 council funding.

The successful projects are:

  • Lighthouse Project    £2000.00
  • Castle Furniture Motorvators Project    £2000.00
  • Include Me Project    £1236.80
  • Fife Folk Museum    £800.00
  • Fife Clan-Howe of Fife Rugby Club    £794.56
  • Ceres Community Café Project    £4000.00
  • Sustainable Cupar    £4168.64    

It is the first time an event of this kind has been held in North East Fife and, almost 100 votes were cast on Saturday.

Every group who had applied for funding were invited to present at the event and there was a chance for all the groups to network with each other and the local people who turned out to vote .

Team Manager Sheena Watson commented: ‘It was really inspiring to hear about the projects and to see local people getting a chance to have their say and vote on projects. This is something we want to build on  and certainly we want to increase the opportunities for people to say how funding is spend in their local areas. They have the local knowledge to say what will make a difference.’
The council has now organised a number of similar participatory budgeting events across Fife in a bid to give communities more control over public spending in their areas.
Added Sheena: “We are working to reduce inequalities and create a fairer Fife for everyone. We will learn lessons from this event and hopefully our next event in the East Neuk next year will be even better!”


Project info

The Lighthouse

The toilet in The Lighthouse is in desperate need of an upgrade. If this is not completed soon it may affect the running of the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is used by the Cupar community and is especially welcoming to the elderly, vulnerable and disabled. The Lighthouse wants to make the toilet more accessible to its customers. The toilet needs this upgrade to continue to make the Lighthouse a place of refreshment for all.


Offers support to clients with enduring mental health problems and people generally involved with the psychiatric services.

This is achieved through provision of a safe and therapeutic environment with trained support workers teaching auto mechanics, upcycling crafts, providing workshop experience and employment experience/skills.

Our project also abides by a service level agreement which incorporates periodic assessment and delivers a tailored client-based action plan, social outings.

Include Me 

Over the past year, Include Me Citizen Advocacy, through its work in the local area, has identified a need for a collective advocacy group for parents who are carers of vulnerable adult children living at home. Our aim is to facilitate the development of an independent parent-carer advocacy group which would ultimately become autonomous. Outcomes include reduced social isolation, greater inclusion, equality and agency; sustain quality home based care; self-efficacy; healthy, active, fulfilling lives.

Fife Folk Museum – Improve Signage 

Ceres is on the outskirts of Cupar, some three miles away.  To help increase our footfall, we would like to have signage in Cupar to point visitors in the direction of Ceres and to visit our lovely little museum which depicts the past social, economic and cultural life of the county of Fife.

Reaping the Benefits of Rugby 

As part of our overarching ethos of making the sport of rugby more inclusive at Howe of Fife Rugby Club, we would like to promote our Unified Rugby Team and the game in general alongside working with charities and agencies who support people experiencing mental health difficulties to help them in their recovery and gain confidence to re-join the community, improving their confidence, employability, social and team working skills.

Ceres community café – The Village Café 

To provide a meeting place that enhances the quality of life for local residents and that advances informal education with particular regard to the local environment, culture, social, and craft traditions.   The café will provide a safe, welcoming environment for those members of our community who are living on their own and need a friendly listening ear.   The café will be available to rent to the community who wish to hold meetings or social events.

Sustainable Cupar  

The aim of More Moor Road is to enhance the environs of the core path between Cupar and Ceres by providing benches to make it a more inclusive space for less able walkers and children.  The natural habitat will be enriched by installing bird boxes and the planting of an edible verge.  An interpretation board will increase public understanding of local history.  These aims will be achieved with the help of several community groups.


Let’s talk about a Plan for Kirkcaldy Area!

We know that Kirkcaldy has some great people and communities as well as great parks and a great coastline, but we also know that not everyone across the Kirkcaldy Area (Kirkcaldy, Kinghorn, Burntisland and Auchtertool) is doing as well as they could.

So we want to hear from you what you love about Kirkcaldy and the area you live in and what you think needs to be improved and how we can improve it.

Even if it’s something you might think is a bit trivial, we want to hear about your views – the more information and ideas we get from local people, the better.

We’ll use your views to help build a new plan for the area, with our first report in October to the Local Area Committee.

This consultation has now closed

How would you improve Bishop’s Court if you had the money?

Fife Council wants you to get involved in deciding how to improve Bishop’s Court, Kennoway.

There are three options being considered for Bishop’s Court – what matters most to you?

  • better parking spaces?
  • improving the shop fronts?
  • creating seating areas?

You can get involved by voting for your preferred option at the Bishop’s Court voting day taking place in Kennoway Library Wednesday 13th June 2018 from 2pm to 5pm. You can also vote online at (link to survey)

Funding for ‘My Bishop’s Court’ has come from Levenmouth Area Committee.

This approach is called ‘participatory budgeting’. The Fairer Fife Commission recommended it as a way of creating a Fairer Fife. It gets people involved and gives them a direct say in where public money can make a difference to their communities.

Find out more by contacting Alex Sutherland on 03451 555 555 ext 450690.

It’s your Bishop’s Court and your decision!

“Pimp my Prom” – How would you spend £25,000 to improve Leven Promenade?

Fife Council wants you to get involved in deciding how to spend £25,000 to improve Leven Promenade.

There are nine options for improvements including a cycle lane, improved lighting and garden space design. It’s hoped the investment will help regenerate the area and encourage more people to enjoy the benefits of walking along the prom.

Funding for “Pimp my Prom” has come from the council’s Levenmouth Area Committee.

You can get involved by voting for your favourite project at a “Pimp my Prom” voting day on Thursday, January 11, 2018 in Kino Cinema from 3.00pm to 7.00pm.

The approach is called ‘participatory budgeting’ and was a recommendation from the Fairer Fife Commission as a way of creating a Fairer Fife, getting people involved and giving them a direct say in where public money can make a difference to their communities.

The nine options for improvements are:

  • Cycle lanes
  • Garden design
  • Accessibility
  • Improved signage, including information boards on Jack Vettriano and wildlife
  • Skatepark improvement including lighting
  • Improved play area
  • Bandstand/music area
  • Picnic benches and open shelters
  • Outdoor classroom

Vote online at or come along to the event on January 11.

Improving “oor bit” of Fife?

Local people have been coming up with ideas of what could be done to make our places and spaces – from Kingseat and Crossgates through to Cardenden and Benarty – even more attractive to live in, work in and visit. And working out how to spend a budget of £250,000 to make “oor bit” better.

Over 1,400 people have now voted on their favourite local projects – and the results are in!

The 14 winning projects are:

Ward 7 – KELTY

£30,000 for outdoor multi-gym equipment – We would like to have a Multi-Gym in Kelty – probably in the park at Bath Street. The installation of suitable equipment would help the whole population to stay fit and healthy.


£5,000 to light up War Memorial, install seat and flower vase -It would look nice to see the war memorial have solar lighting perhaps red poppies that light up to further enhance the site! Perhaps some flower urns around there for fresh flowers and perhaps a memorial bench for the elderly to sit and rest and reflect to await the village bus!


£30,000 for a cycle route to Fordell Firs – Cycle Path running from Crossgates to Inverkeithing which would link up in passing with the cycle path to Duloch to Dunfermline


£25,000 for a skate park (Part funded) – There are two areas of green, one at the existing playpark and another at the community centre. Between them, the installation of a skate park is more than feasible which would give the kids somewhere decent to go.


£10,000 to improve area at train station – The railway platforms in the train station are well maintained and tidy but the access routes are overgrown and unsightly. They give a poor impression of the town. Let’s get them improved for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.


£15,000 for pond upgrading – The area around Lumphinnans pond used to be an attractive walkway for families but it has now fallen into disrepair as has the jetty. If it was restored local nursery and primary school children could use it for nature walks and activities rather than having to be bussed to Lochore Meadows.


£10,000 for a Youth Club – Lochgelly needs a place for young people – We would like a youth club in a safe centre where we could meet friends and youth workers. There would be Wi-Fi and access to IT, music, cooking, toilets, parties, trips and to learn stuff. It would be good if it was on two nights a week please.


£25,000 for improvement to Wallsgreen Park entrance and lights in park – Improvements are being made to Wallsgreen Park but the entrance into the Park is uninspiring and presents difficulties with access. It is hoped to create a new entrance, which will enhance this amenity and to improve the lighting in the park.


£10,000 for improvements to Public Park –signage and heritage displays – Where the old bandstand was we could create something which reflects the history of Cowdenbeath. For example, we could we put a replica of the old Fountain in and some notice boards reflecting stories of Cowdenbeath.


£25,000 to part fund MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) – We would like to have a Multi-Use Games Area in Hill of Beath. Many of the villages in Fife now have this facility and we feel that the young people in Hill of Beath deserve somewhere that they can play outdoors and which will encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle.


£15,000 for The Line – clear up and displays – The line was where the pugs ran to take coal from the mines. It would be good if the area was tidied up along its length and if displays and notice boards were installed to tell stories of and celebrate the rich history of Cowdenbeath.

£5,000 for Gateways – install things to remind people of mining heritage – Why not install some kind of mining artefacts at the gateways to Cowdenbeath? This would help to remind folks of our heritage.


£25,000 to part fund MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) – We would like to have a Multi-Use Games Area in Crossgates – perhaps the area by the bowling green. Many of the villages in Fife now have this facility and we feel that the young people deserve somewhere that they can play outdoors and which will encourage them to have healthy lifestyles.


£20,000 for a Trim Trail – The trim trail at the new astro pitches was never finished and no exercise machines were installed. The installation of suitable equipment would help the whole population to stay fit and healthy.