Time to revive the Guardbridge Community

Time to revive the Guardbridge Community


Do you live in Guardbridge, and have ideas about what is needed to help to revive community life in Guardbridge?

Guardbridge community is going through a major period of change. The development of St Andrews University’s Eden Campus will bring new people in to work in the village. New housing developments will see the size of the village double over the coming years.

Link to the consultation page – ‘Time to revive the Guardbridge Community’

In 2016, residents participated in a community event based around the Place Standard. This identified the need for improvement in social aspects of place, including opportunities for community interaction. More recently, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted on many aspects of our day to day interactions with others.

£20,000 has been set aside from the Local Community Planning Budget for the Area for the benefit of the community. Through a participatory budgeting process, residents of Guardbridge will prioritise what projects could be funded to help the community connect with and support each other.

See below for what to expect from each stage of the timeline

Debate : 7 Aug – 4 Sept
Open discussion on type of community activity local residents would like to see supported or developed in the village of Guardbridge.

Proposals: 5 Sept – 2 Oct
Local residents invited to submit proposals online or through a paper form

Review : 3 Oct – 25 Oct
A local steering group will review proposals and agree which proposals meet the criteria to go forward for a public vote.

Voting : 26 Oct – 13 Nov
Local residents vote for the projects they would like to see taken forward.

Results : 16 Nov
Announcement of winning projects

If you have an idea for a project that will help local people to connect with others in within the village, please take part in the discussion below.

You are also invited to have a chat with one of the following people to explore the best way to take your idea forward:

Barbara Mitchell, Chairperson, Guardbridge Community Development Trust, GCDTcontact@gmail.com
Valerie Sturrock, Secretary, Guardbridge Community Council, guardbridgecc@gmail.com
Karen Scott, Community Education Worker, Fife Council: karen.scott@fife.gov.uk , 07718269753

click here to link to the consultation page –  Time to revive the Guardbridge Community

You will need to sign in on the consultation page to take part.


Inverkeithing Heritage Regeneration Project

The Inverkeithing Heritage Regeneration scheme is now underway and will run until 2024.


Fife Council are working with Fife Historic Buildings Trust and the local community to deliver the project. Funding will also come from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Historic Environment Scotland.

Here is an idea of the  work happening over the next five years.

  • Inverkeithing Town House will be restored to create a community hub that will be accessible to everyone.
  • A grant scheme for buildings in the High Street area will help private owners to repair or improve their properties using traditional materials and skills.
  • A major uplift to the High Street and the Market Square
  • The Mercat Cross will be moved from its current location in Bank Street to the heart of the town.
  • An exciting activity programme will raise awareness of Inverkeithing’s rich history and promote good practice in looking after traditional buildings.

To find out more about the project and to keep up  to date visit the Fife Historic Buildings Trust site.

NEWS: Locals are bringing history to life at Inverkeithing’s Town House March 2020 (Links to Fife Council website)


Plan for Oakley and Comrie

Action Plan for Oakley and Comrie


This Action Plan is a working document which is designed to be adaptable to meet different scenarios and needs of the community. We  are working in partnership with the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, local groups and members of the public to further develop this plan.

It summarises the process and outcomes of discussions held with the community at a number of open consultations and discussions. The contents will be used as a tool to drive, discuss, coordinate and implement change.

We would like you to contribute to the creative process of shaping the strategic future of Oakley and Comrie.

Join the conversation.  Get involved in the implement and delivery of the plan objectives. Why not keep up to date with meetings to develop the future plans and have you say on the future of your community.

Click here to see the Action Plan

Follow us on Facebook @Oakley & Comrie Community Futures or search for the Hashtag #WeAreOakleyandComrie


Neighbourhood Plan for Inverkeithing

Neighbourhood Plan for Inverkeithing


This Neighbourhood Plan is a flexible document which is likely to change. It  is designed to be adaptable to meet different scenarios and needs.

We expect that over the 3 year life-cycle of the plan, conditions, opportunities, partners and funding options will undoubtedly change.

This Plan summarises the process and outcomes of the  Imagine Inverkeithing Charrette Programme that took place in 2018. The contents will be used as a tool to drive, discuss, coordinate and implement change.

One of the key objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan is to empower a range of stakeholders within the local community to, not only contribute to the creative process of shaping the strategic future of the town, but to actually own, implement and deliver the Neighbourhood Plan objectives.

This is not a finished document. It is a draft which we ask you to read and comment on. All the comments received will be used to create an Action Plan which will then be developed to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan priorities.

Click here to see the Neighbourhood Plan for Inverkeithing

How you can get involved

  • Join a local community group
  • Keep up to date with local initiatives and get involved – Follow Our South West Fife on facebook or see what’s happening in your area
  • Get involved in local campaigns and conversations – #Imagineinverkeithing

For more information contact: Lisa Hemphill, Local Development Officer Communities, phone 03451 55 55 55 ext 442763 or email lisa.hemphill@fife.gov.uk


Masterplan for Inverkeithing

Click here for more information on #imagineInverkeithing and to view the Masterplan for Inverkeithing.