Cowdenbeath Area

The Cowdenbeath area covers 112.2km2 and has a population of 40,979 (11% of Fife). The population is predicted to increase 13% by 2036 but, in the same period, the number of older people will increase by 50% (from some 7,700 to over 11,500). The working age population will only increase by 2%.

26.1% of households in fuel poverty 13.8% unemployed25.8% of children living in poverty

The increasing elderly population raises concerns about pressure on services and the suitability of local housing and environment. In general, raising aspirations and access to opportunities, as well as keeping wealth within the area are seen as issues.

People particularly want to see improvements in: influence and sense of control; traffic and parking; housing and community.

Read the full report from the Cowdenbeath local strategic assessment

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