South West Fife

The South West Fife area covers 199km2 (14.5% of Fife). It has a population of 49,802 (13.6% of our total). The population in this area is predicted to decrease 6% by 2036 however, in the same period, the number of older people is set to increase by 50%.

21.3% of households in fuel poverty 8.8% unemployed14.7% of children living in poverty50% increase in older people by 2036

There is a perceived divide between communities in coastal towns and the villages. There is concern about lack of facilities in villages, commercial land-use and derelict areas. Transportation and community links are perceived as poor, despite villages being close together.

People particularly want to see improvements in: work and local economy; public transport.

Read the 2018 South West Fife Local Strategic Assessment

The Plan 4 South West was approved at committee in June 2019.

Read the full Plan 4 South West Fife.

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