Let's talk about... transporting people

Please note that this process has been paused as at April 2020 while the council responds to service disruptions as a result of the coronavirus.

The council spends £22million every year on various types of transport, to help different people travel around Fife for different reasons.

These are vital services and we want you to help us explore whether we could do anything differently to meet people’s needs and get the best possible value from limited budgets.

This is more than consultation. We’re trying a new way to involve people in designing the future of Fife-wide, council services - in this case subsidised passenger transport services.

Through a series of conversations between now and September 2020 we want to discuss: what’s already working well; what opportunities and constraints are out there; what options are feasible for the future and which options people prefer.

Passenger transport spending 2018-19

Stage 1: Discover

Sept 19

Help everyone get a better understanding of what the council provides now - and why we do it.

  • Think about what works well now.
  • Ask us questions about existing services if you want to know more.


Stage 2: Dream

Oct - Dec 2019

Explore how things might be in an ideal world and what might be needed in the future.

  • Online and offline discussions.
  • Gathering ideas.


Stage 3: Design

Feb - May 2020

Present back people's dreams, any challenges and gather more feedback on potential service design options.

  • A chance to work together to weigh up and develop options for the future.


Stage 4: Decide

Aug - Sept 2020

Present a range of feasible options.

  • Community vote on preferred service designs.


After the community vote, proposals for any changes to policy, service delivery levels or spending requirements will have to be built into the 2021 budget process. Councillors decide each February how the overall budget is spent.

Stage 1: Discover what we do now

Subsidised passenger transport refers to a wide range of things that the council pays for. This includes some public bus services, rail concessions, school transport, demand responsive transport which elderly or disabled people can book as required.

Click on the icons below to discover more about these services.

Get involved via "Let's Talk about our Fife"

"Let's Talk about our Fife" is a new platform for citizen participation. It will increasingly allow us to open up debates and gather feedback, as well as letting Fife’s residents share ideas and submit proposals, comment on other people’s input and participate in votes and polls. Through the various sections of the system, citizen-generated ideas can lead to concrete actions by Fife Council and partners.

This online platform is being developed by COSLA for Scottish councils to use, so it’s separate from the council’s website. Anyone can read the conversations but to join in you have to register in Let's Talk about our Fife and verify your account.

The link above will take you to the debate about transporting people.

Get all your travel information at www.travelfife.com