Concessionary travel

We fund a rail concession for people over the age of 60 or those with disabilities who hold a MyFife national entitlement card. This lets people travel, off-peak, between Fife stations for £1 (each way), while the council is charged the remainder of the normal fare.

This isn’t a national or statutory scheme; it’s a concession that councillors in Fife have chosen to continue. There is a national bus concessionary scheme, supported by the Scottish Government, which allows people with an entitlement card to travel by bus anywhere in Scotland for free .

Around 175,000 trips are made each year using the Fife rail concession, which costs us over £320,000.

Fife rail concession journeys

Many people use the discount within Fife before continuing on to Edinburgh (you have to buy a separate ticket to cover travel from Inverkeithing to Edinburgh). The diagram below gives an idea of the amount people can save on a journey to Edinburgh, depending on where they start from in Fife.

Example of split ticketing - return journey from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh

Return concession ticket from Kirkcaldy to Inverkeithing £2.00
Return ticket (non concession) Inverkeithing to Edinburgh £5.80
Total cost of return journey (with concession element) £7.80
Day return from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh £9.90
Saving £2.10

Fife fares to Edinburgh

See the concessionary rail scheme information sheet for more details about how the discount works.

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