Demand responsive transport

We spend £1.74m on door-to-door, wheelchair accessible transport services for people in our communities who can’t use public transport. Often these are some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Services like Dial-a-Ride and Ring & Ride operate 7 days a week from 8am-10pm. Minibuses either pick people up from their homes and take them to the nearest main shopping centre, or the bus can be booked to take people to anywhere in the local area. People who register to use these services have to meet certain criteria.

The reason we offer these services is to stop people becoming housebound and socially isolated. As well as the practical benefits of being able to go places, we know it’s good for people’s physical and mental wellbeing to have this independence. Watch the video to see this in action.

  • 36 accessible minibuses
  • 650 journey requests each day 
  • 170,000+ passenger journeys each year
  • 74% of clients are aged over 70 
  • 39% of trips are to go shopping, 37% for social / leisure purposes and 10% for healthcare
  • we meet 96% of journey requests

Find out more about our demand responsive transport services here.

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