Are you struggling financially to access food?

The Food4Fife project is about people in Fife (individuals, communities and businesses) coming together to work across all aspects of the food system to help solve some of today’s health, environmental and economic challenges.

The aim of the project is for us all to work together to help change and adapt Fife’s food culture, so that the food system, which we produce and consume, becomes more local and more environmentally friendly, and therefore more sustainable.

Food4Fife Strategy 2023-2030

The Food4Fife Partnership is consulting Fifers on a food strategy to benefit producers, consumers and the environment. The strategy is about supporting changes in the food system to maintain high quality food and drink production, reduce and regenerate environmental damage, and increase community participation.

The consultation has now closed and the final strategy is being developed.

Take a look at the draft Food4Fife Strategy

Fields of Hope

The ‘Fields of Hope’ film was made to reflect the ideas and concerns Fife farmers had who took part in the Fork to farm dialogues meetings.