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Fields of Hope

The ‘Fields of Hope’ film was made to reflect the ideas and concerns Fife farmers had who took part in the Fork to farm dialogues meetings.

The Food4Fife project is about people in Fife (individuals, communities and businesses) coming together to work across all aspects of the food system to help solve some of today’s health, environmental and economic challenges.

The aim of the project is for us all to work together to help change and adapt Fife’s food culture, so that the food system, which we produce and consume, becomes more local and more environmentally friendly, and therefore more sustainable.

The Food4Fife project started in January 2021 and has successfully completed the first phase at the end of July 2021. Phase 2 will continue through to the end of 2023.

Phase one -  aimed to bring together experienced people from Fife from all areas of the food system to form a partnership and create a food vision. We held a food vision workshop in June and launched the Food4Fife partnership in August 2021

Phase two - The partnership will create a food strategy and an action plan to increase the use of local and climate friendly produced food in Fife.

The food strategy will be based on 6 main priorities. See below for more information. and is reflected in our draft vision.

The Vision - Food4Fife

Creating a sustainable food culture, for a healthy Fife.

  • Fife will work to stop and prevent food poverty by providing a dignified, fair and just access to healthy and affordable food for all.
  • We will grow food in Fife that is climate friendly and climate ready, reduces waste, redistributes excess and supports soil health and biodiversity.
  • We will empower Fife’s food community and citizenship through communication and increased access to growing spaces, food skills and education.
  • Using Fife’s public procurement for community wealth building we will bring local food into our public buildings including schools, hospitals and learning institutions
  • We will support local food producers and suppliers tocreate a food economy and culture that supports living wages, that’s local, high quality and innovative with good career prospects.
  • We will work in partnership across all parts of the food system, driving positive change through leadership and a Fife-wide food strategy.

We also hope to have a number of working groups that will deliver projects for each of the main priorities.

If you would like to be a part of the project by contributing to the partnership, the working groups, strategy, and vision please get in touch.

The project is supported by Sustainable Food Places and funded through support from Sustain, the Soil Association, Food Matters, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The National Lottery.

Priority Themes