Partnership and governance

Partnership and Governance

We are taking a strategic and collaborative approach to good food governance and action

To transform Fife’s food system into one that is healthy, sustainable, and thriving by 2030, we need a joined-up strategic approach and committed long-term collaboration. This needs to happen between individuals and organisations across every sector and at every level; from community grassroots and third sector organisations to businesses and council leaders.

The following diagram illustrates the Food4Fife Partnership governance structure.

partnership diagram


  • Fife Partnership receives reports from
  • Communities & Wellbeing Partnership


  • Food4Fife Partnership reports to Communities & Wellbeing Partnership and
  • Fife Environmental Partnership
    engagement and liaison


  • Food4Fife working groups report to Food4Fife Partnership and include:
    • Farming, soils and climate
    • Economy
    • Procurement
    • Food Insecurity
    • Community Food
  • Food4Fife wider network
    including other interested partners and groups link with Food4Fife working groups

Key partners

  • NHS Fife
  • Fife Council
  • Fife Environmental Partnership
  • Fife farmers and food business
  • Fife Community Climate Action Network

Involvement of stakeholders

This strategy is not an output of one organisation, but a product of collaboration and joint working between partners from across Fife’s food system.

The strategy chapters have each been contributed by working groups formed of partners who are actively involved in the pillars. From farmers to public services, from community groups to food and drink businesses, each partner contributes a wealth of knowledge and brings a different perspective on Fife’s food system.

Implementation and monitoring progress

The Food4Fife Strategy and Action Plan will be monitored through the Food4Fife Partnership governance structure. There will be ongoing updates with reporting on each of the pillars.