Avoid seeing RED

Cost of living support

Avoid seeing RED

Increase your income!

Make sure you're not missing out money that you're entitled to

If you have money worries CARF’s money advice team
can provide advice and assistance

The Citizens Advice & Rights Fife (CARF) service is free, confidential and impartial. Contact them by using the self-service portal, or telephone 03451 400 94 between 8:30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. If you are a social landlord tenant, you can ask your housing officer to refer you.


These letters often include RED ink and can refer to legal action being taken in the future, CCJ’s or defaults being placed on your credit file and requesting contact with your creditor to discuss repayment.

If you have received a reminder letter for bills or a debt that has not been paid by the due date, we can help.


Many people are embarrassed talking about their finances, particularly when things are tough. You may never have experienced financial difficulties before, or you may have carried these worries for many years.

Regardless of who long, how much you are due or if you have used our service for advice before, we want to help.


Deductions from your benefits or your wages can make paying your ongoing bills and buying essentials even more of a challenge.  If this is happening to you it is not too late to seek help.

Regardless of who you are due money too, or how much is outstanding, CARF Money Advice team want to help.

CARF Money Advice

Free, confidential and impartial money advice and support for debt and money management

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