Let's talk local

People Power is growing in Fife

Communities now have more power to create local solutions that are right for local people.

  • Power to design and deliver local services.
  • Power to take decisions about what happens locally and where money is spent.
  • Power to influence and get more involved in community life.

That's why it's important you get involved!

With a vision for Fife, more people to help and less money to work with, we have to understand what Fifers want and need most.

We’re continually working to improve our knowledge about residents and communities, and to develop new plans for local services. Consultations and conversations – some big, some small – with different groups of people, happen throughout the year.

We’ve done lots of research to find out how different areas within Fife are doing and what’s needed to help make the places we live better in the future.

Information has come directly from: residents, community planning groups, voluntary sector, locally-based professionals such as council officers, Police, NHS and Government data.

Local assessments have given public services a better understanding of the strategic challenges facing the different areas of Fife, the issues arising in our communities and what local residents feel need most improvement.

We want our local community plans (which set out how devolved area budgets are spent) to really address local issues and improvement priorities.

What's happening in your area