Share in £170,000 funding up for grabs for West Fife communities

Posted on 26 Sep 2022

Calling all residents of Kincardine, Culross, Low Valleyfield, High Valleyfield, Newmills and Torryburn!

What could YOU do in your village with a share of £170,000?

Forward West Fife, a locally established steering group, is calling on five communities in West Fife to get involved in deciding how to spend £170,000 to improve their local area. 

Residents and groups in Kincardine, Culross, Low Valleyfield, High Valleyfield, Newmills and Torryburn are being asked to come up with ideas for projects to improve the local community.

Scottish Power and Fife Council have created two pots of funding to help regenerate the area following the closure of Longannet Power Station and as a result of the ash lagoon incident in 2017.

The allocation of the funding will be overseen by the Forward West Fife Steering Group. It is made up of representation from the five community councils and the West Fife Villages Forum.

The Steering Group are leading on a participatory budgeting exercise where local residents can generate ideas for how the money can be spent. Residents will also be able to be part of the decision-making process when it comes to allocating the funds.

Got an idea? This is a great opportunity for residents to have a direct say in where local public money can most make a difference. It could benefit from a share of the funding!

We have also set up an online platform to share and discuss ideas. We urge anyone who would like to have a say in how this money is spent to join the discussion.

Forward West Fife Application Form 2022

You can also email us on for support with turning your idea into a funding application. And don’t worry if you’re not part of a formal community group or organisation. The council will try to match you up with one that the funding could be awarded to.

Or you can contact your local community council directly to see what they think of your idea. We’re going to be working closely with them to develop applications.

Community Council 

Chair / Secretary 



Andy Willo

Sandra Burt


Lynne Smith

Martin King

Low Valleyfield

Liz McMullan

Sheila Carribine

High Valleyfield

Carolyn Martin

Jodie Coulter

Newmills & Torryburn

Alistair McIntosh

Susan Donald

We're asking people to get in touch with initial ideas before the project progresses to a live application stage.

More on the eligibility criteria

£50k Scottish Power funding:

Eligible towns / villages: Kincardine, Culross, Newmills and Torryburn, Low Valleyfield, High Valleyfield.

Applications that include either of the following two themes will be considered:

  • Environmental improvements
  • Renewable energy or energy efficiency

Some examples of projects which include the above themes could be:

  • Renewable energy – solar / wind power sources for local projects
  • Transportation – cycling schemes and other low carbon choices
  • Initiative to get people walking rather than using the car
  • Growing your own food and improving local facilities to do so
  • Training / Education of environmental and wildlife issues
  • Anything that promotes re-use, re-cycling or sustainability
  • Protection of flora and fauna such bird / bat boxes and construction of hibernacula’s and “bug hotels”

This is not an exhaustive list, just some examples to help generate ideas. All applications that meet either of the two themes will be considered.

£120k Scottish Power Legacy Fund (including £20k contribution from Fife Council):

Eligible towns / villages: Kincardine, Culross, Newmills and Torryburn, Low Valleyfield, High Valleyfield.

Applications that include any of the following themes will be considered:

  • Protection of environment and reduction of climate change impact
  • Development of knowledge, skills and education
  • Development of ‘good neighbours’ practices and community development
  • Development of heritage, culture and creativity within the local community
  • Support of the most disadvantaged or needy with a focus on poverty prevention
  • Ideas that meet any of the Plan 4 Fife ambitions