Levenmouth Area

About Levenmouth

The Levenmouth area covers 69.4km2 (5% of Fife). It has a population of 37,347 (10.2% of our total). The population in this area is predicted to decrease 2% by 2036 however, in the same period, the number of older people is set to increase by 39%.

27.8% of households in fuel poverty 17.1% unemployed26.9% of children living in poverty39% increase in older people by 2036

Volunteering and community involvement are seen as vital in the area and need to be encouraged to minimise social isolation of the elderly and realise the untapped tourist potential of the area. Raising aspirations for local youngsters, IT literacy for all and improving both broadband and transport connections would improve employment opportunities.

People particularly want to see improvements in: work and local economy; streets and spaces; identity and belonging.

Read the full report from the Levenmouth local strategic assessment 

The Plan 4 Levenmouth was approved at committee in June 2019.

Read the full Plan 4 Levenmouth.