A Fairer Fife

Working towards a fairer Fife

What is Fairness?

The Fairer Fife Commission was established to help us identify and address the challenges that arise from poverty and inequality in Fife.

The Commission defined a Fairer Fife as:

‘A Fife where all residents have the capability to live good lives, make choices and reach their potential and where all children are safe, happy and healthy’.

We think that is a good definition and see that as a touchstone for all that we do.

Why Fairness Matters

We agree with the Commission that “inequality is both a moral issue and a severe drag on the economic performance of a society”. That argument is made by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and others. A Fairer Fife would bring economic benefits for all. We also agree with the Commission that “ever-widening inequality is neither natural nor intractable”.

Everyone can get involved in creating a fairer Fife. By working in partnership with our communities we can make a difference.

Download a copy of the Fairness Matters report

Fairness matters report