Plan for Fife 2021-24

Recovery and Renewal

Plan for Fife 2021-24 Update

The Fife Partnership has a vision for Fife as place where communities really matter, where people set the agenda and contribute to how change is being delivered.

With fairness at the heart of everything, our aim is for Fife to be a place of connected communities, where people thrive, have enough money, and contribute to a sustainable and attractive environment.

In 2017 we set out our ten-year ambitions for Fife. These ambitions were all about change and how we bring this about over a ten-year period. These are still our ambitions, but this three-year review of the Plan for Fife combined with the experience of pandemic has shown that, if we are to achieve these ambitions, we will have to change how we work. This is because progress has not been as fast as we would have liked and, on top of that, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought new challenges which we need to address.

Going forward, we plan to put community wealth building at the heart of all we do to:

  • Recover from the pandemic: taking immediate action to support our children and young people, those people who have been most affected, and our business community.
  • Renew our public services through a new commitment to work in partnership with our communities, with a focus on place.
  • Re-align our strategies, plans and ways of working to make this happen and deliver our ambitions.

Recovery and renewal - Plan for Fife 2021-24

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Diagram: Our Journey Towards a Fairer Fife