North East Fife

The North East Fife area covers 778.1km2 (56.5% of Fife). It has a population of 73,405 (20% of our total). The population in this area is predicted to decrease 9% by 2036 however, in the same period, the number of older people is set to increase by 27%.

27.5% of households in fuel poverty 5.7% unemployed10.6% of children living in poverty27% increase in older people by 2036

The marked increase forecast in the elderly population raises concerns about support networks, particularly for those living in rural areas with little family support. There are concerns that accessing health care could be difficult with potential changes to public transport. Connectivity – mobile, broadband and physical transport networks are viewed as limited and tourism spend could be spread more broadly in the area.

People particularly want to see improvements in: moving around; traffic and parking

Read the full report from the North East Fife local strategic assessment