Glenwood Salon - A Living Wage Employer

Making Glenrothes a Living Wage Town

Glenwood Salon - A Living Wage Employer

Glenwood Salon - A Living Wage Employer

Owner : Brent Burnett
: Glenwood Centre, Glenrothes
Employees: 6 Full-time


Glenwood Salon is a family-run hairdressing and barber business that has been serving the local community for over 30-years.  The Salon has a regular client base of over a thousand people and is part of the fabric of the Glenwood Community.  Brent took ownership in 2005 succeeding his mother and carries on the family values and ethos of the business.

While the main turnover is through regular clients, the Salon also supports customers who have special needs or who are struggling financially. Their highly innovative approach includes donating vouchers for hair cuts to the local food bank and adapting the Salon space to suit all customers, such as Sensory Sundays where lighting and noise are reduced for adults and children with autism.

Living Wage Accreditation

Glenwood Salon is paying their staff the Living Wage because they recognise their employees need and deserve more than a minimum wage.  The Salon received accreditation as a Living Wage employer more recently in 2019 as the natural next step to ensure wages will continue to rise fairly and as a demonstration of their long-term commitment.

By paying the real Living Wage the Salon is showing staff they are valued for the work they do and the key role they play in making the business a success.  The Salon is also a member of the ‘Making Glenrothes a Living Wage Town’ Action Group and is leading the way in the community by encouraging other employers to follow their example.

Owner, Brent Burnett said: “The hard-economic conditions and austerity of the last 10 years have hit workers the hardest. Prices have gone up, but wages have stayed the same. I pay my staff the Living Wage because they deserve it and I want to treat them well. I appreciate the hard work and loyalty they give me in return and most have been with me for a long time.

I feel strongly about my local community and with both my customers and staff living locally I feel our business is firmly rooted here in Glenwood. By paying the Living Wage I not only benefit the staff, but the whole community and it helps build a good reputation for my business.”

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