Inchdairnie Distillery - A Living Wage Employer

Making Glenrothes a Living Wage Town

Inchdairnie Distillery - A Living Wage Employer

Inchdairnie Distillery - A Living Wage Employer

Managing Director - Ian Palmer
: Whitecraigs Road Glenrothes
Employees: 12 full time


The Inchdairnie Distillery is an independent scotch whisky producer and was established in 2011. Owned by John Fergus and Co. Ltd, it is a £10 million, technologically advanced and energy efficient distillery that took just 18 months to complete.  It occupies seven hectares of land to the west of Glenrothes and has 12000 square meters of warehousing. Production of whisky for blends and single malts began in 2015 with its own single malt due to mature in about 10 years.

Living Wage Accreditation

Inchdairnie Distillery achieved Living Wage accreditation in 2019. They have always paid the living wage but sought accreditation because they were keen to be recognised by employees, other businesses and the wider community as a responsible employer.

Ian Palmer (Managing Director) said:

“We have always been a living wage employer and we want others to know that. We employ a small number of people to produce large quantities of whisky, so we need to have people with skills and pay them good wages. We located our business in Glenrothes because there are people with those skills in the local area. We could have based our business in a more remote location but finding the right staff would have been more difficult.”

He added: “As a business we are keen to identify with Fife and be a ‘Fife’ distiller. We want to help make Glenrothes a good place to work.”

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