Landfall Scaffolding - A Living Wage Employer

Making Glenrothes a Living Wage Town

Landfall Scaffolding - A Living Wage Employer

Landfall Scaffolding - A Living Wage Employer

Based: Whitehill Industrial Estate, Glenrothes
Employees: 14 Full-time
Locations: Based in Glenrothes but have contracts all over Scotland


Landfall Scaffolding is a family run contractor based in Glenrothes since 1979.  Founded on longstanding values of fairness for staff, the business focusses on delivering excellent service to both industrial and domestic customers.  As a result, they are approved as part of Fife’s Trusted Trader Scheme.  Landfall Scaffolding also encourages trainees to complete modern apprenticeships and all staff are given continual professional development.  Managing director, Gordon Slight, is also a member of the Action Group, steering the commitment to Make Glenrothes a Living Wage Town.

Living Wage Accreditation

Landfall Scaffolding has a great reputation as an employer because staff are given a fair wage for a fair day’s work and apprentices are paid above the minimum wage. By paying the Living Wage trainees value their jobs and prioritise customer service. Living Wage accreditation demonstrates the commitment the company has to its values and helps retain experienced and highly trained staff.

Managing Director, Gordon Slight, said:

“We are a family business and have always believed that being fair to people means they will be fair in return. We place a massive emphasis on the quality of service our staff give to our customers so it's important that their work is fairly rewarded. Living Wage accreditation demonstrates our commitment to values of fairness and helps us attract good young people to train within our business.”

Trainee Ross Nelson, said:

“Being paid the Living Wage has allowed me to progress to take up a modern apprenticeship and learn a trade that will last my lifetime.”

Derrick Cattanach, Contracts Manager, emphasised the importance of paying staff the Living Wage and providing relevant training saying: “Our apprentices are motivated to take up the training and work we offer because they are paid the Living Wage. This enables us to train our own people in scaffolding and customer service and we can then rely on them to provide good service which helps us retain valued customers.”

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